Stoney Xochi jumped back into youtubing recently, give her a high and hello and shoot some Stoney Sunday questions her way at, she’s cohosting again this week before our meet up at Hippie Hill on Sunday!

Headed off to the Booksmith shop at 1644 Haight Street in San Francisco, author Doug Fine will be speaking about his latest book Hemp Bound. His previous weedy read Too High to Fail is one I recommend often and I’m excited to see his presentation about the new book. Starts at 7:30, come out Reefers!

Purple Haze Black Milk Clothing leggings, purple @augyglass & Health Stone combo, purple cardigan and purple @sapglass pendant today.

Concentrate pieces for the CloudEVO! VapeXhale gives two to Reefers when you order the vaporizer from, don’t forget code Coral14! @Oilslickpad duo with Firetype shatter on top, time to dab!

The Mile High City: Denver's 4/20 Celebrations Pictures - Smoke Signals | Rolling Stone

This guy on the left has great taste in shirts.

Also, the Stoney Sunday shirt is on!

An amazing Reefer Mail day. Health Stone entrusted me with three more beautiful pieces to share in future giveaways, the inner coolers on the hand vapes are so effective! @dabs_unlimited sent me this blue autism awareness pin, thank you! April is autism awareness month. Miss @highchee blessed me with the coral earrings, I’m getting SO eager to see the Coral Sea…!! Thank you @eastcoastdabbin too for the rag and pipe, and stickers to share!
My mailing address recently changed by the way, but box 420 will be open for about another month. Thanks again!!