This lucky reefer won a prize pack today!! I had a great time at the #bostonfreedomrally and will be back all today tomorrow too!

See you at the #bostonfreedomrally today!! That white package is for the first Reefer in the Common to say “High, Coral” and 5 more #worldreefers get goodie bags throughout the day!

Congratulations Dillon! He won the goodie box and a donut too, and then he and Emily and I had a great sesh! See the rest of you Bostonian #worldreefers at the Freedom Rally this weekend!

Come and get it #worldreefers! I’m in Copley Square with a goodie box and a donut, first to say high wins! I’ll stay here for a little while… it is a #worldreefermeetup after all so come on by!
PS Boston is gorgeous.

TODAY: possible #worldreefermeetup, details will be posted this afternoon if so!!
SATURDAY: say high if you find me at the Freedom Rally, I’ll be walking around with my assistant and filming some of the event for a YouTube video
SUNDAY: I’ll be at the @missmaryjaneco booth AND filming @stoneysunday with the new backdrop! It’s not a LIVE episode unless you’re there in person, but I’ll try to have it edited and uploaded Sunday night or Monday for those Reefers who didn’t make it to the rally.

Official Boston #WORLDREEFERMEETUP will be Sunday at the MMJco booth at 3:30 pm! Say high anytime this weekend or come by then and meet other #worldreefers!