I had an amazing time at the #worldreefermeetup today! Use that hashtag if you were there, thank you for the hookup with a discount for #worldreefers @greenacresrx! Stop in anytime in July and ask for the Reefer Discount for 10% off the shop!

#worldreefermeetup starts now at pleasure point! We’re going to take a stroll to a safe smoke spot so if you get here after 3:50 and don’t see us, hit me with a DM. ☺️
@greenacresrx is giving 10% off to #worldreefers for the remainder of July!!

Sometimes when I get #reefermail I patiently bring it home and other times I sit in the parking lot and rip it all open. Today was the latter and this care package from @thc1983 took my breath away because it was simply so unexpected and thoughtful. Thank you, @thc1983, long time reefer is not accurate enough, I really appreciate all the time and support you’ve given me and this package too, thank you!!
Hearing from world reefers is such a pleasure, my mailing address can be found at coralreefer420.com/contact 💜

Such a cute outfit styled by @atread11 featuring pot leaves front and center! This lucky lady just won $100 gift certificate to @missmaryjaneco apparel!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, more giveaways are always coming!

Up editing a video with clips from Chalice, vaping with my CloudEVO. They’re 10% off for Reefers! CoralReefer420.con/vapexhale discount code “worldreefers