Doc update: he’s been stable since last night, but the fluid in his chest and abdomen makes it hard to breath. They intend to tap the fluids and 1) relieve pressure off his body, and 2) test the fluid for tons of stuff and get to some answers about my sick kitty. He is still at the animal hospital for now, and your support and kindness and love has been SO appreciated!! We have about a third of the current costs covered, in huge part thanks to World Reefers, thank you so so much!!
TOMORROW: Miss Mary Jane Co will have an auction for this adorable reefer kitty rig, proceeds heading straight to the vet bills. Thank you Miss Mary Jane Co, follow her at, bidding will begin when she announces it tomorrow. 

Today has been long but the smiles you’ve brought to my face have helped a lot. Thank you World Reefers, furry or human.

So exciting! CannabisNow featured me in their most recent issue (#11) and I love seeing where you’re finding a copy! You can order one via or keep an eye out for it in the latest 420goodybox! I screenshot some twitter Reefers’ excitement, stay high guys!

This vaporizer kills it with dabs and herb. The code “WORLDREEFERS” saves you 10% off always, but right now they’re on MassDrop and it’s a great deal, getting better with the more people that order!