I heard from my aunt recently in Colorado, she’s eager to learn more about dabbing. Today I heard from her little brother, my uncle. I’m quite saddened to hear he’s been diagnosed with Dystonia and also so surprised and thankful he’s considering cannabis as treatment. Life is bittersweet. I’m thankful that my family is turning toward cannabis but stressed to hear of anyone in pain. Do any #worldreefers have experience with #Dystonia and cannabis? Send me info.

It’s @stoneysunday and the #worldreefers are rocking their #stoneysundayshirt!!
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Miss @boroqueen_ drew this in the sand and it’s inspired a #reefergiveaway! Post a picture with the hashtag in nature in a NON-PERMANENT manner, like this in the sand. You have until the end of September to post your picture and use the #worldreefers & #reefergiveaway hashtags on Instagram, one lucky winner gets a #CVault from thecvault.com!!

I haven’t used another desktop vaporizer since getting a cloudevo from Vape Xhale, this one is a great hit for concentrate or herb! It gets a little hot to the touch so today I snagged a little jacket for it and a couple more nails for dabs too, you can grab the accessories or this vaporizer from coralreefer420.com/vapexhale and don’t forget code “worldreefers” gets you 10% off!

It’s true! All the world reefer excitement shut down the Oilslick website yesterday! 
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