Vlog life!

My latest video is uploading now, catch up on all my videos on YouTube or HERE.

Blue beehive dab holder and dabber.

Tweet @taskrok and myself “Stay High” for your chance to win the BLUE BEEHIVE dab holder and a titanium dabber from Highly Educated!

Contest over by noon PST on Sunday September 30th!

Video costarring EngineeringIsMagic aka @StoneyScience.

Miss @StoneyScience came over with wax goodies from Arc Center! Time to dab!

Answering some letters and enjoying a super mellow Friday night. This is a close up look at my new domeless Highly Educated nail, and a Philosopher’s Stone dab.

Domeless dabs tonight on my Left Coast rig.

LOVING the beehive dabber holder! I’ve got my rig cleaned up and my work done for the day, I think it’s time to relax with some dabs off the Highly Educated domeless nail.