My less frequented cannabis library is that of cook books. I consider myself fairly useless in the kitchen and have NEVER MADE MY OWN EDIBLES, so I do know that I’ve failed as a stoner on some level. On the plus side, should I ever make the leap to kitchen goddess, I feel pretty stocked up on weedy recipes. PS three cheers for the men of the world who cook!

Clint Werner’s book Marijuana Gateway to Health (@MJgatewayhealth on twitter) is one of my favorite cannabis books, and not just because the author has been on my YouTube channel! It’s a great history of modern medical marijuana and why cannabis is an amazing medicine in so many timeless ways.
This SIGNED copy of Clint Werner’s book is part of October’s world reefers instagram prize pack, use the hashtag and you’re eligible to win! 

Miss @EliseMcD420 wrote another book!! High Times Magazine presents Marijuana For Everybody, I have a feeling I’m going to like reading this one, thank you Elise for the copy!!
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"I enjoy fine books and catnip."

Cannabis can’t kill. Scream it from the rooftops, plaster it on billboards.
Wear weed as leggings by Poprageous and always keep room on your shelves for more books. ( has some book recommendations)