The site is in Russian, the publications are in Russian, and they’re talking about cannabis. Pronounced “Trava,” I am excited to see international weedy magazines like this one spreading awareness. It’s published quarterly, if you or a family member can read Russian, check it out and share the knowledge!

I see you Green Candy Press. At Patient ID Center in Oakland.

This is something I haven’t done before but I’ve been speaking with Green Candy Press and have been blown away by their kindness toward my blog. They’re allowing me to sell their Strain Guides (the Indica volume 3 is the newest!!) with proceeds going to support stoney travels, adventures and posts. I have a couple sets of the Strain Guides available for $90 with no additional tax or shipping costs to you. Green Candy Press also included the Smoker’s Guide Book which I’ll include with every set ordered, and a goodie bag with Boveda and Humboldt Hempwick too of course! has a few ways to contact me, shoot me a message about ordering and let’s get these books wrapped as gifts for your stoney friends or stacked up on your bookshelf! Thank you so much Green Candy Press for this opportunity and investment into my blog, I am selling the books as a set but Reefers can order them individually via amazon or find them at Barnes and Noble and headshops. Thanks again for the support and if you’d like a set, contact me! 💚

I love having weedy reading materials on hand to do some fact checking. Have you picked up SF author Clint Werner’s book Marijuana Gateway to Health? Swoop it from my Shop Page.

Green Candy Press sent me a box of pot books and I’m a happy happy girl.
Some are for me and most are for Reefers, top left Marijuana Smokers Guidebook is by @Mernahuana

Reading materials.

This set of Contemporary Lampworking guides came to mailbox #420 as a total surprise from PER Glass, thank you so so much!! Having classes and torch time at Revere Glass has been great, but I always love reading about arts and methods as well when learning! Flipping through the pages and chapters is already inspiring, PER Glass makes the Humboldt Hempwick dispensers I’ve used for years, they’ve both always been so supportive and amazing. Thank you again PER for encouraging me!

Giveaway time!! My kitty loves weedy books, and Green Candy Press does too! I’ve got a copy of Baked Italian, a size medium Aqua Lab Technologies shirt, Smoke Cones goodies and a goodie bag with Boveda and Humboldt Wick for one lucky reefer! Post a pic of or with your pet and tag it #worldreefers, the contest ends at 1pm PST tomorrow and the picture must be an original! No pictures of smoke blown at pets will be accepted. Find more weedy reading at, and info about goodie bags included with each giveaway at

Elise McDonough is the author of the High Times’ Cannabis Cookbook, and I’ve been trying to get my copy signed for months! Finally was able to have her sign a new copy (THANK YOU!) so the one at home is going to be given away very soon!

Knowledge is power!