High! What are you reading?
Some cannabis related suggestions can be found at CoralReefer420.com/tagged/reading

I picked up a copy of Weed World after it was recommended by Reefers (thanks!!) and look who I found! Clint Werner wrote Marijuana: Gateway to Health and it’s a must read about medical marijuana. He was on my YouTube channel a couple years ago (http://youtu.be/xPo6VTR1muA) and his book is more relevant than ever.

@GreenCandyPress has published the THIRD volume of the Cannabis Sativa Guide, and it’s gorgeous!
Leave a comment on Facebook on this post telling me your favorite -sativa- strain… or tweet the answer to me (@coralreefer420) and @greencandypress, two winners will each get a copy of volume 3 and Boveda and Humboldt Hempwick samples!! Giveaway over at 4:20pm today! 

Yesterday at the #worldreefermeetup someone named Brandon said that he had something to show me. He pulled these three books slowly from his bag, explaining a bit of each and any bookmarks they carried, and all three were new titles to me. High Culture was published in 1980 and something I imagine my grandma could have picked up before an outdoor grow. Cannabis Spirituality was a short trippy book, but it was Pot Planet that really caught my eye. It’s cannabis anthropology! Pot-thropology as a friend would say, and I’m super grateful that Brandon let me borrow that book from his stash.

Collecting bongs might be cool, collecting books (and reading them) actually makes you way cooler… in my book. 😉