My latest video is from a book presentation by Doug Fine, regarding hemp and his latest book Hemp Bound.

Leave a comment on this video telling me something you’ve learned from his presentation, one random commenter will win his two cannabis books, signed by Mr. Fine! Giveaway ends tomorrow at 6pm PST.

My signed book (and one magazine) collection is short Clint Werner’s Marijuana Gateway to Health right now, but I’m glad to be adding Hemp Bound!

Happy Earth Day! I stopped into the Booksmith and got Doug Fine’s newest book, Hemp Bound. If you love this earth, look into hemp and it’s value for food, fiber, and energy! I’ll have a midweek video posted from this book event, and one commenter on that video will win these two SIGNED Doug Fine books!


At the Booksmith for Doug Fine’s book event. The new book is Hemp Bound, there’s a link on, and I’ll be recording parts of his slide show tonight for a midweek video on YouTube later this week. Anything you’d want to see or know?
The site is in Russian, the publications are in Russian, and they’re talking about cannabis. Pronounced “Trava,” I am excited to see international weedy magazines like this one spreading awareness. It’s published quarterly, if you or a family member can read Russian, check it out and share the knowledge!