Throwback Thursday to a naked bong hit from three years ago.
I believe in nudity. Not constant nudity. Not offensive, aggressive or sexually graphic nudity, but a comfortable, familiar and safe form of nudity where sex isn’t the goal, being comfortable is. I was raised to love and appreciate the body I was given, honor it and see it, not hide it or shame myself for it. I hope that by posting naked bong hits for expression y’all can see that nudity isn’t for sale, it’s not for advertising and getting views, it’s a part of ALL of our lives and we are allowed to empower ourselves with it.

I know when I order delivery from Craft Cannabis that I’m getting quality, their concentrates and nugs have been my go to for weeks now. Today they hooked me up beyond my shatter order and threw in some medicated granola too, can’t wait to try it for breakfast tomorrow! The Golden Ratio Extracts they have do not disappoint, I have Durban Poison, Blueberry Skunk and Cherry Pie Kush pictured.

Cannabis can’t kill. Scream it from the rooftops, plaster it on billboards.
Wear weed as leggings by Poprageous and always keep room on your shelves for more books. ( has some book recommendations)

#newsnug: N.Y. State Senator Looks to Legalize Marijuana for General Use