Flipping through the Bay Area November 2012 issue of Culture Magazine and there I am outside of President Obama’s fundraising event holding my protest signs.

Fight Crime Not Cannabis.

Check out the Safe Access Rally Gallery.

Sometimes you will be standing alone. Shout louder then. Get Involved.

The incomparable Dale Sky Jones was present in San Francisco today, speaking up for advocates and patients everywhere. She’s the woman at the helm of Oaksterdam.

California’s medical marijuana voter-approved proposition 215 passed in 1996, 16 years ago. With the federal government taking action against some of the largest cannabis dispensaries we have, where would they have us patients go?

One of the most repeated chants at any cannabis rally I’ve attended has been “Obama Keep Your Promise.” Today that message was echoed in our voices and carried on signs. The promise we refer to is that of safety, of medical marijuana being the DEA’s lowest priority, yet hundreds of state approved facilities have seen been threatened and shut down.

In the sea of Obama supporters I have to wonder how many people are cannabis patients. How many people are aware that more dispensaries were shut down under Obama than Bush, more patients arrested?