My Humboldt hemp wick dispenser, blinged out and ready to puff this nightcap bowl.

Exhaling Cookies vapor. I’m headed into San Francisco today to meet up with a YouTuber I really admire, and I’m pretty nervous! She’s not cannabis affiliated, and I honestly don’t know if she smokes at all, but my fingers are crossed that maybe we will share a bowl after lunch. 

A stoney smile.

Goodnight bong hit with the Fish Bong.

Goodnight bong hit with the Fish Bong.

Loaded up the fish bong with some Platinum Pink Cream Soda. Toking with humboldt wick, like always!

Curl up and dab.

A three way dab of gooey super melt, drier waxy super melt, and oil.

Winding down the evening with the last of the Blueberry Afghani.

Got a new spool of Humboldt Wick today, I’m drooling just imagining all the bowls that will be smoked with this wick. Fuck lighters.