1.5 days of moving down and it’s going pretty well! Sumo lent me some lawn chairs to make due for tonight, I’m hoping tomorrow we’ll move in a love-seat given to me by a former roomie. Maybe even move the TV and chest, more of my clothes, get this place prepared so I can head into work Monday morning without bits of my uniform spread across 2 houses.

Tonight though, I’m kicking back in the lawn chair and taking some dabs.

Listening to Rilo Kiley, Portion for Foxes.

Cruise the Musical Bong Hit Gallery.

A Sativa mystery nug generously shared at the Cannabis Cup by Danny Danko.

In the process of moving… I finally had my new dream mattress delivered (thanks Mom!) and after sinking into it like the girl in the anti-pot commercials sinks into her couch, I got up and celebrated with clean sheets and a dab. More moving to do!