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Trans-Love, another new-to-me strain that will be added to my Strain List.

The Bogglegum, grown with love by Delta559 and stored with care in a CVault.

Whoa. @NorCalPurps' oil rig knows its own name.

That after work toke always feels so nice… I know I’m especially blessed to be able to smoke it in a lounge, where friends can meet up and share pieces, check out each other’s stashes, and get a nice head rush before the commute home. As more dispensaries are closed, threatened, and changing to delivery only, I savor my moments of afternoons at the lounge.

5-Finger-Death-Punch super melt, surprisingly smooth! Smoking with @rollajay420 and @NorCalPurps earlier helped me add a few names to my Strain List.

Mr. @NorCalPurps birthday is next Monday, so I was happy to share the birthday cake papers @lasagna_n_tots picked up for my 24th last month. Rolled up some of Delta559's super bomb Bogglegum, and NorCalPurps treated himself to a Stoney Sunday shirt!

Jack’s super melt and my Dab Essentials domeless nail, a perfect dunking duo.

Musical Bong Hit: Miss @Kreayshawn is kicking the internet’s ass again with Go Hard, her latest video, which is already way past 1,000,000 views on youtube. Watch me dunk some of Jack’s super melt and Go Hard in my own stoney way.

I love getting mail! Especially when it’s a surprise…! A Texas Reefer sent me a letter, I’ll be writing her back, and sending a goodie bag too!