My 10mm @benzoglass mini cup, such a great little rig! @benzoglass is helping me fundraise for Australia by sending down TWO pieces to auction off this or next week! You’ll have to be over 18 and ready to pay via PayPal when bidding, thank you so much @benzoglass for helping me meet more world reefers!!

Doc generally walks away mid-hit, he’s got stuff to do.
Hitting the @domelessdeamon ceramic nail. I dig it, and supporting alternatives to hype. ❤️

Hitting my OGC recycler. I love the leaf on this piece, and it’s the biggest 10mm rig I have.
PS next time I say I’m going for a bike ride in a tank top, SOMEONE tell me to wear sunscreen. I’m burnt and changed into a more comfortable tee as soon as I noticed, I need to get back into the habit of sunscreen everyday! I wear it on my face but totally miss my body. 🙈