Bong hits before work are absolutely essential. 

Like @rosepants said, today is a SUNNY day over here in dab land. The darker concentrate is Solar Glass, made of a mix of strains in a method like BHO, then spread then over glass to harden, now ready for me to dab. I don’t have info on the Sun Shatter, but it seems similar, perhaps a different run. 

Song Is - Everyone Has A Summer

I’m so glad I always keep a nug, a pipe, and a lighter with hempwick on me. I can’t imagine surviving tourists without them.

A dab of sfv og oil and blue dream co2 taffy to get the day going right.

Today is Paul of Tokin Daily’s birthday, and I of course had to send him some birthday well wishes! He, as I’m sure many of you already know, uploads a new smokey or sometimes hashy video every single day to his youtube channel. He has over 800 videos, so you will never be stuck smoking alone.

Smokey Santa Shipping Update: All US gifts have been sent out! I have customs forms to fill out for any international shipping, but it should be taken care of soon. Thank you again, and happy holidays!

Blue Dream CO2 taffy, it has such a soft look to it. Compared to some of the other forms of cannabis in the Concentrates gallery, this one is powdery fluff.