Quick hit with my Hello Kitty Bong.

I’ve heard a few names for them lately, but I like to think of a sticky concentrate coated with a drier one as a “powdered donut dab,” and that’s exactly what I enjoyed this evening. Some Purple Erkle with Blueberry.

An afternoon bowl.

Brought the Left Coast bong with me for some mobile dabs. 

I hope you’re enjoying your spring, get outside and bring your bong!!

I took my Hello Kitty Bong down to Santa Cruz for some outside bong hits in a favorite local spot. Stopped in Capitola Village on the way and I picked up a new bikini, I couldn’t resist the peacocky color.

Spent some time this afternoon with some wonderful stoners, hope you enjoy the video!
Song is not mine, it’s by Peter Tosh, called Burial.

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Marley and @stoneyxochi.