She’s gorgeous dead on the table ;)

The destruction of #wendy

Awww yeaa

Awww yeaa

Hitting the new bong :)

Hitting the new bong :)

so much harder to go to work now!

i love my new bong.

without blinking an eye.

Free Medicine?

It baffles me that anyone would be asked to provide goods or services free of charge. What other medication is provided to patients with such compassion? I see other prescription drug companies making millions of dollars, yet Montana may be putting new rules into place for the medical marijuana business asking them to give away their goods, prohibiting any sale of cannabis. The new rules may also limit each doctor to about 15 recommendations each year.

If you are in Montana, be vocal about your rights as a medical marijuana patient before they are taken away from you.

All of us need a constant reminder that medical access for those with urgent needs is only the beginning. Legalization is the effort.

Purple Erkle to lull me to sleep.

Hello Kitty Pink Pipe Club and Purple Erkle