1.5 days of moving down and it’s going pretty well! Sumo lent me some lawn chairs to make due for tonight, I’m hoping tomorrow we’ll move in a love-seat given to me by a former roomie. Maybe even move the TV and chest, more of my clothes, get this place prepared so I can head into work Monday morning without bits of my uniform spread across 2 houses.

Tonight though, I’m kicking back in the lawn chair and taking some dabs.

Listening to Rilo Kiley, Portion for Foxes.

Cruise the Musical Bong Hit Gallery.

A Sativa mystery nug generously shared at the Cannabis Cup by Danny Danko.

In the process of moving… I finally had my new dream mattress delivered (thanks Mom!) and after sinking into it like the girl in the anti-pot commercials sinks into her couch, I got up and celebrated with clean sheets and a dab. More moving to do!

Packing up my pipes to move with me safely and it’s like a trip down stoney memory lane. Here are a few pieces I might not have shown you before.

If you had Pineapple Kush, Mango Queen, and Cherry Pie Kush you would dab them all at once and call it Fruit Punch too right? Right.

SmokeFresh.com hooked it up with this container, and Aaron at the Cup hooked it up with this bud! Smoking now before picking up the keys to my new apartment.

Have a great Friday!!