Links to Products I Mention

Interested in picking up something I’ve mentioned on my channel or in a blog post? Check for it here, or contact me and let me know what you’re looking for.


Reading suggestions can be found HERE as well.

Aqua Lab Technologies sets the bar for quality glass available online. 

Vape World is a long time supporter of my blog and giveaways, they offer 10% off to Reefers with code: coral14 (excluding Volcanoes, Firefly and Pax). Check back every season for a new code!

Humboldt Wick is the hempwick I prefer. It’s 100% organic, California made, and the company has always been friendly and supportive of Reefer Giveaways. It burns cleanly, lightly coated with beeswax. Cruise examples of hempwick in action HERE.


Boveda is definitely suggested for use in every container you store your weed in! As you open and close any “air-tight” container to pack bowls your bud will get overly dry. Boveda provides 2 way humidity control and I definitely recommend the 62% option.


The CVault is a great storage choice for an eighth or more of cannabis, they have many sizes available on Vape World's site, don't forget your 10% off with code Coral14!   

Oil Slick is a pacific northwest company I love supporting. Their products are the best concentrate storage choices on the market, they’re constantly innovating and are active parts of the cannabis community. I use the slab on my coffee table, duo with shatter, and stacks and balls with wax or crumble.


The CloudEVO by is a vaporizer that features an all glass vapor path and glass on glass joint, allowing you to enjoy vaped cannabis or concentrates with the hydra tube or glass you already own. The water diffusion and routine of hitting glass instead of a bag or whip makes this vaporizer a stand out item to me.