Reefer Review: Afghani Granddaddy


Strain: Afghani Granddaddy 

Genetics: 100% Indica, Granddaddy Purple x Afghani

Source: The Green Cross, San Francisco, California

Price: 40/eighth, including tax and delivery

Appearance: Dense lavender hued buds coated with white trichomes. Light orange hairs freckling the ruffles of green and purple flowers and leaves tightly packed together. 

Fragrance: A sweet aroma, clearly descending from the Granddaddy Purple parent, this herb retains a musky scent from the Afghani influence. This cross gives a lovely  bouquet of sugar and a tingle of kush.

Taste: While the scent is clearly influenced by Granddaddy Purple, this bud’s taste reminds me much more of the Afghani parent. It’s an earthy flavor, a bit spicy, and overall very smooth. The GDP sweetness is a welcome partner to this smoke.

Reefer Review: A great muscle relaxing Indica, soothing to organs and leaving a great body tingle I would definitely suggest this strain from The Green Door if you are in their delivery zone. Afghani Granddaddy is not a nighttime specific Indica, I’ve found my mind stays alert and clear and as long as I physically get up, I can get a lot done while soaring on this cloud.


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