www.CoralReefer420.com/reefergiveaway always has the current giveaway information… And it’s time for a new #reefergiveaway!!
18+, no private profiles please. Worldwide entries accepted! Deadline is midnight October 27th.
“Recyclers” don’t actually make the world filled with any less trash, unfortunately! So let’s do it in honor of badass glass recyclers! Pick up some recycling in your community and post a picture proving it, OR show me something you’ve recycled in your own home. Something that other people considered trash but you knew it still had value. So often people just throw away things as they’re done with them, but let’s all take this week to consider the three R’s, reducing your use, reusing what you can, and recycling what you’re done with. You have a week to express the three R’s in an Instagram picture or video, and please tag it #reefergiveaway. Be sure you’re following @kryoglass, @corinnewinters, and @anodyneglass who made these beautiful glass treats to share with one lucky recycling reefer!!

This happened a couple of days ago on Facebook. They let me change Coral Reefer to Coral Fish, (my original screen name..) but have now changed their minds and locked me out from my profile, which is the profile I manage the page many of you have added. Hopefully the page won’t be effected, but honestly I don’t know, and can’t log in to check out. I’m pretty frustrated that @Facebook thinks I need to show a photo ID to use a profile. As an individual working in a legal grey area I have always valued keeping my last name discrete, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for @Facebook to make the decision for me that my legal name is public knowledge. Fuck you Facebook. Fuck you.