Done editing my newest video and it’s time for a Hubby snack break!

Stoney Xochi jumped back into youtubing recently, give her a high and hello and shoot some Stoney Sunday questions her way at, she’s cohosting again this week before our meet up at Hippie Hill on Sunday!

It was great meeting a few members of the Cannabis Now team this morning!! They gifted me this @purrglass bubbler, we talked about social media and cannabis, wellness with fun. Like this photo and you could win a BigBuds calendar from Cannabis Now and grinder card too! Two Reefers will be contacted tonight by 8pm, thanks for participating and keep a look out for my interview or photos in Cannabis Now next month!

I didn’t expect these to be so delicious.

I’m shaking like a fish out of water because this vlogger is doing a print interview and photo shoot today! I’ll be sharing the details as I have them of course! 💜💚