#NewsNug: In States With Medical Marijuana, Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25% http://www.newsweek.com/states-medical-marijuana-painkiller-deaths-drop-25-266577

😍 so much good stuff from @gravlabs! Giveaways coming… In fact, after I pack up some prizes from last week I’ll be posting a new month long giveaway! www.Coralreefer420.com/giveaways has general giveaway information.

Durban and Cherry, shatter from @craftcannabis

@gravlabs dabs! @juliesteffey dabber #bubblestick

It’s September 1st… And I’m excited to announce you have just under two months to get your costumes ready! @gabrielcooksfood and I will be hosting a very stoney Halloween party next month! We are looking for venues currently (Bay Area, California specifically) and will have some tasty treats at the party, plus #pumpkinbong carving of course! More details coming soon!!