Blue Salmon

These dense nugs came from Magnolia, Blue Salmon = blueberry salmon creek, saving it for this weekend!

@stoneyxochi and I will be at Hippie Hill the weekend after 4/20, on Sunday 4/27! Come on by, get there by 4 for the raffle! #worldreefermeetup

#spad2014. Naked.

Magnolia pickup! It’s seriously amazing running into Reefers when I’m at dispensaries, I love knowing we’re smoking on the same stuff this 4/20. I added the Boveda packs of course, grab some from with code coral14 for the reefer discount!

VapeXhale x Swagger Glass = happiness.

The VapeXhale team dropped this piece off with me today, a Swagger Glass recycler with bottom glass on glass joint for use with the CloudEVO!

My pin board filled up right about the time the green and purple stay high pin arrived, then the past couple months have nearly doubled my pin collection! Damn, #worldreefers, y’all make some awesome pins!

Pinning onto lanyards, can’t skip this sexy Tink pin that sent me!

Hitting the @benzoglass mini.