Reefer Giveaways

I love giving stuff away!

There are more than a few ways to win, but very few rules. Some contests will be 18+ and a lot will be all ages. Active giveaways can be found HERE.

The goodies come from things I’ve found around my stoney travels that I think you will enjoy, and others are donated by companies or viewers with you in mind.

Boveda Herbal gives me Humidipaks to include with just about everything I mail out, and Humboldt Traders provides hemp wick! I use Boveda in every jar at home, they prevent herbs from becoming too dry to be beneficial. Humboldt wick is organic and made here in California, and I’m happy to share!

Some giveaways happen really quickly, either on Facebook or Twitter, while others will be done on YouTube, here on, or Instagram (@CoralReefer420). 

Winners are sometimes chosen at random, sometimes by assigned number (comment #420 for example) or sometimes by “earning” the prize in some sort of free to enter video or photo submission contest. 

There is no calendar for when these giveaways happen, but it is fairly often, so pay attention!! ;) 

Check out the GOODIES I’ve been collecting and giving out to some lucky winners so far!

Thank you for your time over the last few years, and all of the support that you have shown! It wouldn’t be the same reefin’ without you all to share it with. STAY HIGH.