Send Me Smoke Signals.

You can contact me directly via email,, I do appreciate you taking the time to read the FAQ page first please. I try to answer everyone, but it does sometimes take up to a week or so. Thank you for your patience! 
There is a FRAUDULENT email account claiming to represent me and my site, please note I do not own a “review” email address, and that person has no affiliation with me or my channel. The email address above is the ONLY email address I am available at.

STONEY SUNDAY episodes can be found at, where you can also submit your questions, or on twitter with hashtag #askstoneysunday.

My mailing address is:
Coral Reefer
2601 Blanding Ave #C359 
Alameda, CA 94501

Please do not ship cannabis, edibles, concentrates, or seeds. Thank you! I try to write back to as many Reefers as possible, so please include a name and return mailing address, and screen name/network too if applicable!

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