Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coral your real name? 

 Yup. And the story about my parents living in the Caribbean is as cheesy as you imagine it to be. Reefer is of course, not my legal last name.

What is dabbing? Wax? Shatter? Oil? How do you smoke cannabis concentrates? 

 Cannabis concentrates come in many different forms, and are made in a variety of methods. Some are made with solvents, commonly Butane, while others are made with only water. Different names for cannabis concentrates can leave many confused; I will often refer to what I dab as, shatter, wax, bho, dabable, or oil, but all are cannabis extracted with butane. Some solventless methods are also in use, creating ice wax or solvent less sap. I dab daily, although I would never cut smoking flowers from my routine. Cruise the Concentrates Gallery to see what and how I dab.

How can I get more involved with cannabis legalization efforts locally? 

 Check out groups like NORMLAmericans for Safe AccessStudents for Sensible Drug Policy. Read up in books like The Pot Book, Clint Werner’s Marijuana Gateway to Health, and watch every cannabis documentary you can find. Get educated, so when you see misinformation promoted you can offer the truth, and make friends in the community. We all need allies.

Can we meet up when I’m in California? 

 Maybe, but unfortunately probably not if we haven’t spoken or met before. As much as I am a homebody, I do love to meet stoners at different weedy events throughout the year, so stay posted with my vlogs and tweets, and of course I hope you enjoy the Bay Area as much as I do!

Is it hard to live/work in California? I’m thinking about moving. What about places to visit when I’m on vacation?

 I’d suggest using Craigslist to help find a place to live, and expect stiff competition for the apartment, the job, and the parking space you want. California is absolutely incredible, and I’m happy to pay rent to live in this lovely state, but I would never describe the Cost of Living in this area as reasonable. As for vacation guides, the bay has plenty and I couldn’t begin to tell you what’s good.

What is the string you’re smoking with? 

 Hempwick. It is hemp string, covered in beeswax, and I choose to toke with it to avoid inhaling butane with bong hits. Check out Humboldt Traders for a sample.

Where do you get your weed? How much do you smoke?

 Cannabis clubs and private vendors. I try to give credit where it’s due, linking to the dispensaries or friends when I can. I love variety above all else. As for how much I smoke, well, I honestly just don’t keep track beyond the tweets and the posts.

What’s your favorite strain?

 My Strain List answers all that and more. Over 250 strains sampled so far!

How do you clean your glass?

 I almost always use the highest concentration of isopropyl alcohol and a coarse grain salt, like rock or ice cream salt. For oil rigs or herb pieces my technique is pretty much the same, combine the alcohol and salt, shake, and rinse with hot water. Click HERE for examples.

How can I get a goodie bag? How are donations applied?

 Boveda gives me enough humidipaks to share with everyone that contributes or writes to mailbox #420, and Humboldt Wick supplies the wick for goodie bags. Every donation is returned with a thank you and shipping is provided by Vape World. Financial donations help cover web-hosting costs, as well as time spent taking and editing photos, continuing to provide original content. Information about writing to mailbox #420 can be found here. I’m committed to vlogging and sharing the good cannabis word, but I do need your help to afford the time to make videos and host giveaways. Thank you for considering a donation, they can be sent to my mailing address.