OG Kush - #sungrown from @hhcoak ☀️

I tried the #omicron while at @vapeworld’s Hempfest booth last month, and it ripped hard! It has a ceramic wick which a lot of Reefers have been asking about, and it qualifies for 10% off coralreefer420.com/vapeworld with code “coral14”! The team behind this vape pen sent over a few to share as well, one will be included in a giveaway on @budfolio this week!

#newsnug: Some Illinoisans Can Submit for Medical Marijuana Tuesday http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Illinoisans-Can-Submit-for-Medical-Marijuana-Tuesday-273487951.html

Thanks to an introduction via #worldreefers I’m now super stocked up on @therealincredibowl!! Have you tried it before? Their steamrollers are legendary and I didn’t even know I could use the #m420 on a bubbler! Alex O’Leary created the glass, and it arrived in a safe little case, perfect. I’ll be giving away the #m420 #incredibowls over the next few months!!
GENERAL GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: www.coralreefer420.com/giveaways

Dabbed some OG during a sesh with part of the @budfolio team today. Their app is something I really like and believe in, if you haven’t checked it out yet please do! It’s a digital strain journal, input as much or as little information as you’d like, and you’re able to track the strains you’ve tried and dispensaries visited. I started a personal strain journal in 2011 and definitely would have been using this app then if it had been around!
Dispensaries- if you’re interested in connecting with @budfolio and seeing the reviews that patients have already been posting, reach out!