What started as a fundraiser to help #DocReefer will continue as a memorial pin. They are $10 each, numbered, and created with all my love. CoralReefer420.etsy.com. Thank you! Anyone who has already donated via paypal will be receiving a pin as well. Thank you all.

I’m still digging my #cloudevo from @teamVapeXhale! They’re giving one away this Labor Day weekend on Facebook, but you can always order the vaporizer from coralreefer420.com/vapexhale and get 10% off with code WORLDREEFERS!

Our last cuddle. At 9:09pm #DocReefer took his last breath.

I would go into any amount of debt to save him, but in this situation I just can’t help. Thank you for the contributions to paying off his growing vet bill, tonight is his last trip in. I will receive his ashes later. We tried everything. Resting matters most now.