This pile has dwindled since the picture and only a couple sizes XS-Medium are available right now! Help me out with these remaining shirts at (each one comes with a goodie bag!) and after a few more orders I’ll be showing the new shirt concepts! I really want to get these classics out the the #worldreefers first though! Check the stock on the etsy listing, and if you’re one of the 10 orders getting us to the new shirts… You’ll get a sticker pack too! 🙏 thank you for the support!!

September’s @budfolio giveaway winners have been announced! Add me on the app to see who won!

Nectar Collector dabs!

New video coming soon to 💨💨 @nectarcollector710

A @craftcannabis delivery! Since working from home for the last year I’ve really become used to delivery services for buds and concentrates, and @craftcannabis is definitely a favorite! I ordered up a few grams of @goldenratioextracts and some organic bud too, thanks for the @lifted_edibles and @auntiedolores snacks!!