I’m actually part cartoon.
Thanks for the rendition @sm_artgallery!!

I picked up the three collab pipes with @Mouseclone from Revere Glass today, and this wonky pink and purple pendant I made in between pipes last week too. Mouseclone and I will each be keeping a piece, and one will be auctioned off tonight, arriving with the pendant and a goodie bag!
I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to glass blowing so I don’t expect to impress, its quite fulfilling enough to try my hands at something new!

Just a reminder that Reefers get 10% off the VapeXhale site with code WORLDREEFERS and it’s good for their #cloudevo vaporizer, glass attachments and different chambers! It’s a vaporizer for herb or concentrates, but the dabs on the CloudEvo are what set it apart for me! If you run a smoke lounge or have friends over dabbing often and hate continually using the torch… This is the option for you!

Bong hits before a bike ride.