I’m giving away this poster as well as other goodies from @amsterdamgarden on twitter in just a little bit tonight! @budfolio stuff too! Follow me on twitter.com/coralreefer420 for details later tonight.

A video from yesterday using the ceramic #710whip set up. I do wish it got a little hotter, I’m blocking the hole on my carb cap for better heat circulation, but for the price and convenience, it’s pretty cool. Thanks again @domelessdeamon! His ceramic dab parts are available at domeless.com.

#beakro #carbcap #stoneysundayshirt

The lines on this rig by @jaredsglass were funky and fun. Paired with a @joelhalen @halenhoneyholes, perfect for hash hits yesterday. Owned by @offgridextracts. Added to the #glass gallery: coralreefer420.com/tagged/glass

#hash #sourdiesel