Some #medicatedhashtea in a Seattle mug tonight. Hempfest in about 2 weeks, I love coming back to Seattle, who will be there this year? Let’s have a #worldreefermeetup Sunday at Hempfest!

Tomorrow is August 1st, or maybe it is already the 1st where you live, but my tomorrow morning is when I will announce a month long #worldreefers giveaway for Instagram. The prize package has a few special treats, including the @sakibombhackysacky pendant on the right, a counterpart to my own on the left. The prize package is all around pink, purple and feminine, win it for yourself or for a special someone in your life. Details in about 12 hours!

Thank you @madigb_growin @callmebigmike919 and @gardenofweedn!! Stashed a shirt for a future giveaway, I love your design @gardenofweedn!

Nectar Collector.

Vaping up some CBD OG.