Another shot of the hemp headquarters known at @thehempest. Stop into any one of their locations for beautiful glass and more hemp clothing than you thought possible.
Speaking of #hemp clothing… I think the next batch of @stoneysunday shirts have arrived!! That means if you’re waiting for a set, it’ll be out this week and headed to you, and if you’re interested in ordering a super soft hemp blend #stoneysundayshirt in black, purple, or green, I’ll have them stocked on etsy as soon as possible!

The incomparably friendly and kind @dannydanko is someone I look forward to seeing at nearly every cannabis event I get to! He welcomed me to cups a couple of years ago and is as approachable as ever, he runs the FREE WEED podcast and is senior cultivation editor at @hightimesmagazine, say high when you see him in your state!
Photo is @dannydanko’s, and maybe next time you see him he’ll be rocking the #stoneysundayshirt too! 🎉🎉

#mysterynug #eastcoastbud

Every other day or so I’m sent a link to a Facebook profile that’s using my photos to sell weed. Sometimes they spam my own page with my photos! That’s NOT me, or what I do, and those pages are not affiliated with me in any way.
The only actively used legitimate networks I’m on are listed from, my real Facebook page being one of them. Don’t trust the spam profiles, and please do report them when you see them!

I didn’t catch the screen name of whose Toro I’m hitting in this picture, but it was so great to spend Stoney Sunday with the Reefers in Boston!