You guys! This dab is for the now totaling 58,000 #worldreefers on Instagram!! Thank you for following! Use the #worldreefers tag this month and you’re eligible for a #reefergiveaway prize package!!

Needed @taskrok’s #highlyeducated, first stop was @puffpuffpasssf and they had the goods. Nails for the auctioned off rigs, glass porn pictures from the store coming later!


I almost wanted to keep this one for myself. @benzoglass 10mm yellow honeycomb sandblasted cup, really cute and available by auction until 8pm! The auction post is a few pictures back on Instagram. Thank you for the support!

Off to pick up #highlyeducated nails for the @benzoglass rigs being auctioned on facebook. Thank you for the support!

I’ve partnered with @VapeXhale as an affiliate, they and @Vapeworld are the only companies I’ve taken on this relationship with. It means that when purchasing your vaporizer you can give back to my blog at no additional cost. Code “Coral14” gives you additional concentrate pieces when you order your #cloudEVO, or you can use the affiliate code in my bio or at
I’m slow to take on affiliate relationships and I’m excited to begin this one with #VapeXhale. Thank you for the support!

Blue Salmon - @magnoliaoakland
Picked up a couple grams of a few different strains yesterday in anticipation of this weekend.

Instagram auction: This silver 14mm @benzoglass rig is available by auction today until 8pm pst. Whole dollar increments only please, 18 and over, must have payment ready. The two marbles glow vibrantly green and the line work is super clean, thank you for bidding!

Instagram auction!
One day, two auctions! Thank you @benzoglass for your time and work on this 10mm yellow stunner, I love how it turned out! Bidding starts when the #worldreefers are ready, ends at 8pm pst. Must be 18 or older and have payment ready. Thank you for your support!

I am so thankful and excited. TWO auctions of @benzoglass are coming to my Instagram feed today. Both pieces come from Pacific Northwest artist @BenzoGlass, bidders must be over 18 and have their payment ready via paypal at the time of closing auction. Benzo and I are working together to do this to fundraise for my upcoming Australia trip, and the winning bidder will get quite the care package with their piece! Individual auction posts coming soon, thank you so much for your support over the years and your time when I’m in a city near you! I can’t wait to hit Brisbane and Nimbin and meet more #worldreefers!